Hamza Lari

Film Director/ Storyteller


Hamza Lari

Film Director/Storyteller

Hi there! My name is Hamza Lari. I’m a Communication Design graduate from National College of Arts.

I’ve experienced working as a Designer bound inside the four-walls of an agency and the only thing that kept me going was my crazy, crazy mind that just didn’t stop. I drove all the way across town to tell do storytelling for kids. I went ahead to explore what else can I tinker with. I ended up on different sets, my playgrounds. Here I worked as an Art Director, Creative Associate, Assistant Director. I applied for an artist residency with a concept about bridging economic gap through art and ended up in Rio (which was pretty frkkng cool) where I spent each day on foot collecting all the creative nectar that I could possibly in X amount of days. These days, I do advertising filmmaking and brand concepts. When I’m not grossed in a mind-boggling conversation about “Duniya kahan ja rah hai”, I enjoy finding new music, eccentric people and lots of business ideas.

I’m motivated each day to create a brand for myself where I don’t have to work 9-5 ever, ever again. If your brand needs all of this energy to get started, ideate a strategy or execute a campaign, you can write to me at hamzalari@gmail.com